HR consulting

Forval Vietnam is a Japanese enterprise that provides business and human resource support services for Japanese businesses in Vietnam.

We have the function of collecting, analyzing and forecasting labor market information; counseling on vocational training; introduce jobs, supply labor for Japanese enterprises in Vietnam .

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What we do ?

Japanese company jobs

Forval Vietnam introduces jobs for Japanese companies in Vietnam. Working in factories in industrial zones with many good career opportunities

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Jobs introduction

Find the best job for you. Advice you choosing the right job. Job counseling reasonable for employees with their profession, training level, ability…

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Recruitment request

Recruiting personnel according to the requirements of Japanese companies about the job position, the candidate’s qualifications for the job ….

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Review from customer

KBK Việt Nam

Thanks to the recruitment information on the job search website, I found out about the company Forval Vietnam. I am a new intern from Japan, so I want to find a job at a Japanese company and I am very lucky to be introduced to a job by the members of the recruitment team of Forval company. Currently, I am working in the production team of KBK Vietnam company.

Mr. Phu / KBK Viet Nam

YKK Việt Nam

My name is Ha. I am currently working as an accountant of YKK Viet Nam company in Visip 1 Binh Duong industrial park . Thanks to Forval, you guys introduced me to YKK company and I successfully interviewed. I have been working for the company for more than 3 years. I find my current job very stable and have many opportunities for advancement.

Ms. Ha / YKK Viet Nam

HR Consulting team