Since our inception in 1980, our each proposal of telecommunications products and services to customers have become essential to the modern business scene as our conception “New Standard”. We provided services as a “leading company among information and telecommunications industry” with the slogan of that “we continuously create New Standard and aim at becoming a company generating social value”. We create our business opportunity by constantly changing the things that considered strange or inconvenient to be better, standing the viewpoint of customers.
Information and telecommunications technology has become the existence like air and essential among various business fields, today.
We, Forval groups, will contribute to the profitability of our customers as a consultant for corporate management in consecutive future generations through our four fields of consulting; the information and telecommunications, overseas market, environmental protection and personnel and education.

Please look forward to “New Standard” that Forval groups create.

Chairman and CEO
Hideo Okubo


Operating for over 30 years


Customer Services


Customer rating

“Forval is constantly trying to create “New Standards”

~ CEO Forval

Today, the world is changing rapidly, growing day by day. This is why Forval is constantly trying to create “New Standards”. We do it all for the benefit of our customers using our services…

– Mr. Sudo

In order to gain the trust of our customers, it is important that we provide the best service.

– Mr. Ariga

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